Tasmanian Pinot Noir

The story of Richard Meyman Wines

My name is Richard Meyman, and these are my wines.

After many years in the wine trade as a grower, manager, owner and viticulturalist, it was, I concluded, time for me to enter the ring and lose some serious money by sharing my passion for wine and launching my own range. This range is tailored to my thoughts on what comprises the ideal drinking experience for each variety. I hope you will find them to your taste too.

I am committed to sourcing and producing high quality Tasmanian Pinot Noir and Riesling  from first rate vineyards and impeccable winemakers.

And so the grand adventure begins, with that most fascinating, frustrating, hypnotic and seductive of all wine: Pinot Noir.

La poursuite de l'idéal Pinot Noir pose sur l'humanité comme une malédiction

(anon. French person)

(The pursuit of the perfect Pinot Noir is the curse of humanity)


Currently I have three wines for sale: the 2015 RMW Waseca Riesling, the 2015 RMW Colebrook Road Pinot Noir and the 2012 RMW Bersenbruck Pinot Noir , which are available via this website, or can be purchased at the stockists listed on the Contact/Purchase page.  




Keep an eye on this website to catch their releases. To my mind, these wines are worthy of their immaculate heritage and expert creation, and will be worth tasting. I hope you enjoy them.



New releases and other stuff

The 2013 Waseca Riesling and 2013 Colebrook Road Pinot Noir have run its course. I have now released the 2014 of each wine.

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I'd like to acknowledge John Richardson of Mount Nelson, Tasmania, who took all the photographs shown on this website. All photographic images © 2011 John Richardson. 

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